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Setting up your free TRAKT account.

Set Up
It is highly advised that you setup a free trakt account to make your NexGenTV experience easier and more enjoyable. To do this you must go to on your computer or other device. Click on
“Join Trakt for free”. You will be asked to provide an EMAIL, USERNAME, PASSWORD and CONFIRM PASSWORD, then click “JOIN TRAKT”

You may fill out the rest of your account setup or simply click on NEXT STEP a couple of times. Which-ever way you decide then click CONTINUE TO DASHBOARD. When you get to the DASHBOARD click on YOUR PROFILE, near the middle of the page, click on LISTS, on the left under PROFILE Click on ADD LIST. This is where you can make a list for every member of the household, grand kids and more. Take your time so you won’t have to come back and do it again, it is worth the time. On your NexGenTv box, you need to click on KDPLAYER, then go to VIDEO then click on "your Add-on", then click on TOOLS, then click on ACCOUNTS, go to TRAKT and click. You will be given a code.

On your computer you will need to go to and put in the code given you, then click activate, a new window will ask” Allow "your Add-on" to use your account?” Click YES Your username will now appear in the Trakt account in "your Add-on" and you will be able to utilize your list’s.

The very same process is used to add your TRAKT account to "your other Add-ons"  as what was used to add it to "your Add-on". If you use these add-ons  it will keep track of what you have watched in all of them, and if you  purchase more NexGenTV's you can add your same account to them and it  will keep track of all of them. It is nice if you have a second location  you watch tv in Hunting cabin or basement or bedrooms. This way you  don't have to remember where you left off in any series you are watching.

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