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NEXGEN Set Up Guide

Set Up
  • Take the  NexGenTV unit and accessories out of the box. Open the battery cover of  the wireless keyboard and locate the USB Dongle, remove it and plug it  into the NexGen TV box.

  • Plug one end of the HDMI Cable to the NexGen TV box and the other end your to TV.

  • Switch your tv input to the HDMI port you plugged your NexGen TV box into.

  • Plug in the Power Cord to the NexGen TV box and a wall outlet.

  • Note:  If you can hardwire (Cat5 Cable) the NexGenTV box to your router it is  by far the best and you can skip the next set of directions.

  • When  your NexGen TV box comes up to the Start Menu use your remote to arrow  right to Settings, Click OK, on Network Click OK, onWiFi Click OK,  select your WiFi and Click OK. Enter any required password. Then Click  on the Home Button located a little above and to the left of the arrow  buttons. This will return you to the Start menu. Click on the large box  KDPLAYER.

  • Now arrow left to Video, Arrow down twice and choose an add-on ,  CLICK OK. There are 5 add-ons to choose from try them all, they are  very simular but with minor differences.You can watch most all of your  TV Show's and Movies with these

  • It is  Highly recommended that you go to and setup a free account.  This will enable you to make a watchlist and also you can make separate  list for each member of the household, this can save you a lot of time  searching for your favorite shows. Make a record of your username and  password, you will need this in the future.

  • Also  if you choose to use the Music portion, RADIO is a great app and your  TRAKT account will allow you to save your favorite radio stations for  later listening.

  • Once you  have setup your TRAKT account you must go to VIDEO> your add on   >TOOLS>ACCOUNTS go to TRAKT Click ok, a new box will pop up with a  code. You must enter this code on the web site Once  this is accomplished you will be able to use the features. Repeat this  process for each of the add-ons.

  • Briefly  to make use of TRAKT you find a show you wish to watch highlight it,  Click the Menu button, a menu will pop up, click on Trakt manager, a  second Menu will pop up, click on add to" whichever list you wish to add  to" ENJOY !!

The wireless Keyboard should be turned off when not in use.

Remote control common buttons

 Home Button-returns you to main menu.
 Return Button-back up one step. MOST USED BUTTON
 Menu Button-bring up various menu’s
Mouse Button-switch to and from mouse mode

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