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Add-On Quick Start

Set Up

Once in "your Add-on" you choose whether to watch movies or tv shows. If you have setup your Tract account and added your favorite shows to your custom watchlist’s, choose My TV Show or My Movies.
You may wish to add shows to your custom watch list’s as you are looking for something in particular as it saves time looking for them in the future.
Once you have started watching a series your shows will be moved from My Watchlist to Progress and will let you know what episode is next.
Search is the fastest way to find a show if you know what you want, the keyboard is really great for inputting the name. Otherwise you may search
TV shows by several methods, Genres, Network, Language, Certificates’,
People Watching, Most Popular, Highly Rated, Most Voted, Airing Today, New TV Shows, New Episodes.
You may search Movies by Genres, Year, People, Language, Certificates, People Watching, Most Popular, Most Voted, Box Office, Oscar Winners, In Theaters, New Movies, People Search or Search. In both instances you will get many results and can click on Next Page many times.
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